Eastern University Scholarships In USA For International Students

Eastern University Scholarships

Looking for a scholarship to fund your education at Eastern University? Then you shouldn’t be worried as there are good numbers of them to apply for.

In this article, we will encapsulate the Scholarship programs available for prospective, undergraduate, graduate, and international students at the Pennsylvania Christian University.

About Eastern University

Eastern University, Pennsylvania is a globally recognized Christian university that offers undergraduate, graduate, professional, seminary, and online degrees. All of Eastern’s educational offerings are infused with the university’s basic values of faith.

Eastern University is dedicated to the preparation of undergraduate and graduate students for thoughtful and productive lives of Christian faith and service through teaching, scholarship, service, spiritual formation, student development, and societal involvement.

Why study at Eastern University?

U.S. News and World Report have named the University one of the Best Regional Universities in the North for the second year in a row. After climbing 13 spots in the 2018 rankings, Eastern climbed another four spots in the 2019 rankings.

That should make you look for a scholarship program to study at the University.

Scholarships Programs at Eastern University

The rundown of student-aid programs at Eastern University, Pennsylvania are highlighted below.

Eastern University Academic Scholarship Program

Eastern University Academic Scholarship Program is available to freshmen and transfers indigenous students and those from other countries at Eastern University. 

Interested in this student-aid program? The following are the conditions for applying for the Eastern University Academic Scholarship Program.

Amount of Award: The award sum varies from $11,000 to $20,000 per year, and it is renewable for up to three more years. This scholarship will be worth a total of $66,000. Renewability is determined by the status of the students as well as a series of yearly requirements established by the University. 

Information on the deadline: The closing date for this scholarship is May 1st.

Requirements for this Scholarship:

  • Admissions application 
  • Essay
  • Recommendation letter 
  • Official Transcript
  • The value of the scholarship is determined by class rank and/or cumulative high school grade point average, SAT scores, references, and essay(s). 
  • Also, with the addition of official college transcripts, transfer students are also eligible.

Eastern University Legacy Award

The Eastern University Legacy Award is given to high school students in the United States who intend to attend Eastern University in Pennsylvania. The significant eligibility requirement for this award is that the student must have an Eastern University alumnus as a parent or grandparent.

Amount of the award: A total of $1,000 per year will be awarded for this scholarship, and it is non-refundable.

Information on the deadline: The closing date for this scholarship is May 1st.

Requirements for this Scholarship:

  • The first requirement is that the student must have a parent or grandparent who is an Eastern University alumnus.
  • Recommendation letter for an essay
  • Admissions application with an official transcript.

The Templeton Honors College Award

The Templeton Honors College Award is a student-aid program that offers a $4,000+ EU full-tuition grant. 

In addition to their EU grant, students accepted into the Templeton Honors College cohort will receive an annual award. 

Moreover, students who have succeeded in the classroom and desire to be challenged are urged to apply. The application can be found on Templeton’s website.

Requirements for this Scholarship:

  • A 3.9 GPA and/or 1350 SAT, critical reading and math, or 30 ACT are indicators of academic excellence for this Scholarship.

The Goode Scholars Award

The Goode Scholars Award is valued at $2,000.00, plus an EU award. This student-aid grant is always given to 25 first-year students from urban regions each year at Eastern University. In addition to that, students accepted into the Goode Scholars Program will receive an annual renewable yearly award if all program requirements are met. For an application, go to Goode Scholars Program Portal.

Requirements for this Scholarship:

  • Eligibility implies that the student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or rank in the top 30% of their class.
  • Moreover, they should have a strong sense of service and demonstrated leadership ability.

Academic Scholarships Upon Admittance for Transfers

This Academic scholarship is offered to transfer students at Eastern University. The value is up to $17,000.00 and ready upon being taken on transfer.  

Students who apply to Eastern University for this Scholarship are considered for an academic award or grant. 

Value of EU Academic Scholarships Upon Admittance for Transfers:

  • President’s Scholarship — $15,000.00 
  • Provost Scholarship — $13,000.00 
  • Cornerstone Award — $11,000.00 
  • Trustee Scholarship — $17,000.00 

Requirements for this Scholarship:

  • This scholarship is explicitly for transfer students in the EU.
  • The program is renewable if the yearly criteria are met. 
  • To determine if you are eligible, submit an application to EU today!

David and Valerie Black Scholarship for Transfers

Another scholarship on this list is David and Valerie Black Scholarship which is specifically for Transfer students at Eastern University. The Scholarship program offers up to $12,500.00 courtesy of the sponsors, David and Valerie Black. 

One thing you should note about this scholarship is that it replaces the initial one you earned upon being offered admission into the university. The grant also covers the entire amount of Eastern aid you are eligible to receive. This does not rule out the fact that you be eligible for state and federal aid, which might include student loans.

Requirements for this Scholarship:

  • Taking a look at the eligibility, transfer students from community institutions are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Another requirement is that applicants must be accepted to Eastern University and commute from their home address.
  • The most important prerequisite for this scholarship is to have a 2.75 GPA from their previous college work.


That’s the size of this article on Eastern University Scholarships. So far, we have been able to highlight these student-aid programs offered to students at Eastern University. We believe you now have a good option to study in the US college for free tuition!