How To Study In Canada As An International Student

How To Study In Canada As An International Student

Are you looking to study in Canada as an international student? Well, that’s not surprising. Canada has a conducive environment and an affordable education system. For this reason amongst others, this has been able to attract the attention of over a hundred thousand international students yearly.

If you want to receive a world-class education, be sure Canada is the right country to achieve this.

In this article, you will learn about how you can study in Canada as an international student.

To study in Canada, kindly follow the below processes.

How To Study In Canada As An International Student

Apply To One Of  The Institutions In Canada

This is the first process involved in being able to study in Canada. You need to start by looking at accredited institutions in Canada and apply to one.

Before you will be able to proceed with other processes, you will have to be admitted by one of the institutions you have applied to, and have been offered an acceptance letter.

There are over 192 universities in Canada, you can search for one, that the fee is quite affordable, and meet their eligibility criteria.

It should be noted, once you weren’t accepted by any of the institutions in Canada, you won’t be considered for admission.

You can check for available schools in Canada in this list, and choose the one which is preferable to you.

Nevertheless, the below are recommended schools you should apply to.

  • University of Toronto
  • York University
  • University of Manitoba
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • University of Winnipeg

Find Out if You Need A Visa

You should understand that it’s not everyone that needs a visa. You can make use of this tool, to find out whether you will be needing a visa or not before you proceed with your visa processing.

There are exceptions to those who need a visa to study in Canada. Hence, If you belong to the following categories, you won’t be needing a visa to study in Canada.

  • If you are a family member of an ambassador in Canada, you won’t need a visa to study in Canada.
  • Also, If one of your family members works in the military department, you won’t need a visa to study in Canada.
  • If your study program isn’t up to six months, you won’t need a visa to study in Canada.

However, please have in mind that when you are granted the study visa, this doesn’t authorize you to work, or enter Canada, you will still need electronic travel authorization.

Start Your Student Visa Application

Once you have been granted an acceptance letter, it’s time to start your application.

You need to start by applying online. The official website to apply for student visas is the CIC website.

You will need to provide your acceptance letter, and proof of funds, before your application will be submitted, in addition, you will be asked to provide your medical results, before you will be able to proceed with your application.

In addition, you also need to prove English/French language proficiency, so you can find learning easy.

It should be noted that after your Studies in Canada, you only have 90 days to vacate Canada.

Submit Your Application

Once you have registered on the website with all the necessary details and have submitted your application, it’s time to wait for a decision from the Canadian immigration party.

The decision doesn’t take longer than 60 days, before a decision on your application status will be passed across to you.

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